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Elektrobit Finland

Liity voittajatiimiin!


Elektrobit (EB) is an industry-leading supplier of automotive software and has had a proven record in embedded and connected software development for over two decades. We are a globally-operating company with our headquarters in Germany and branches in Asia, Europe, and North America.

One of them is located in the city of Oulu, the capital city of Northern Scandinavia and one of the fastest growing urban centers in Finland. Oulu is well-known for its technology and cooperative and competent people.

Our branch in Finland has today about 160 employees and we are constantly growing. We focus especially on developing software for car infotainment systems in particular for human machine interface and navigation. We are also specialized in car infrastructure and complex software integration and test automation development.

We have a strong EB spirit and employee engagement – join us and we promise that you will not regret it!


We offer the best colleagues, a relaxed, pleasant, and professional working atmosphere with an open communication culture, support for your professional growth and development, and versatile benefits e.g. comprehensive health care and flexible working time.

We always look for talented and competent people that share our culture and values to join our team. Interested? Take a look at our open positions in Finland!




Meet the team – Employee testimonials


Mari Lukkarinen, Senior Project Manager

“I have been working at EB Finland since 2014. At first, I shared the project managing responsibility with a German colleague and after a year I was given the opportunity to lead the project all by myself. I am still working on the same project and at the moment we are working together with German, French, and Finnish colleagues to win a new project from the same customer.

I truly find EB a great place to work – few of the best things are international atmosphere, professional customers, and our international team. EB works very well across different countries and cities, and I find it really important that we are enthusiastic and open to work with each other!


Ukko Finning, Senior Software Engineer

“I started as a software engineer in the Hybrid Navigation Team, and after that I have worked for Routing and now Electronic Horizon in a multi-site team. I enjoy my work and find it meaningful – day by day we make the world a safer and eco-friendlier place. It is important to be constantly curious, eager to learn, and read up on new research.

We have a very good spirit at the Oulu office – the office is modern, there is enough room for everyone and collaboration is good. The growing field of business and the top-notch people make EB the best place to be – it is so cool to be part of the future and newest innovations!”


Tero Maijala, Expert

“I started at EB in 2017 to work in the automotive business in Oulu. Our branch office is growing and thus provides a lot of opportunities. I started developing AUTOSAR modules from scratch after two weeks training. This felt like a huge challenge, but I received a lot of encouragement and support to keep on learning and pushing my boundaries. After a while I became the technical lead of our module development team. It’s great to work in the automotive industry. We deal with topics that drive the future. I want to leave my mark on the future and do something meaningful, something that touches our daily lives. EB offers great opportunities if you want them but provides also the possibility to balance your workload when, for example, your personal life requires it. For me, EB is a great place to work at.”


Take a look at our open positions in our careers site.


Our contact details:

Elektrobit Automotive Finland
Elektroniikkatie 13
90590 Oulu
Tel: +358 40 3445 999