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Travel restrictions are in place but do not stop us from discussing the latest in automotive software development with you. Meet us virtually to learn about what’s trending with connected cars, autonomous driving, vehicle infrastructure and user experience. From our home office to your home office, our experts bring you up to date on the latest topics in automotive. Register now to set up your personal agenda:


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Webinar recordings

Automated driving

Data-driven test and validation toolchain for ADAS and automated driving

Category: Automated driving

Efficiently capturing and managing the massive sensor data volumes required for ADAS and automated driving test and validation – up to hundreds of terabytes of data every day – poses a major challenge for the automotive industry. In this free, 60-minute webinar, we discuss how a data-driven development toolchain allows worldwide distributed engineers to test and validate algorithms and functions more efficiently. > To the webinar page

The faster way to test and validate your ADAS and automated driving applications

Category: Automated driving In this free webinar, experts from Elektrobit share insights into the EB Assist ADTF 3 testing and validation tool, which captures, time-stamps, synchronizes and replays data to speed up the ADAS / AD development process, from prototype to serial production. > To the webinar page

A trunk full of data: Enabling immense data intake for tomorrow’s automated vehicles

Category: Automated driving Experts from Elektrobit and Equinix discuss ways to manage the massive volumes of data required for ADAS and automated driving development > To the webinar page

How to easily create an electronic horizon for R&D

Category: Automated driving Elektrobit demonstrates how the EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit generates an ADASIS electronic horizon in a development environment > To the webinar page

From ADAS to HAD: Building trust in automation with location technology, Electronic Horizon and platform capabilities

Category: Automated driving Experts from HERE Technologies, Elektrobit and Continental discuss the adoption of ADAS and AD and the role of location technology, electronic horizon software and platform connectivity in evolving decision making in assisted and automated driving. > To the webinar page

Hardware-in-the-Loop solutions for ADAS ECU function test and validation

Category: Automated driving Wolfgang Völkel, Senior Software Engineer at Elektrobit, provides insight into scalable Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) solutions for ADAS ECU validation, showing how to ingest, track, and reprocess petabytes of vehicle test data with hundreds of HiL units working in parallel. > To the webinar page

Vehicle infrastructure

Timing & execution protection on vehicle safety-related software applications

Category: Vehicle infrastructure Roman Iseler discusses how to monitor the time domain in a multi-core safety system by utilizing the features of the EB tresos Safety TimE Protection module > To the webinar page

A tool and workflow approach for automotive ECUs using AUTOSAR Classic

Category: Vehicle infrastructure Elektrobit’s Jochen Steuerwald demonstrates a typical workflow using EB’s solution for AUTOSAR Classic, including EB tresos AutoCore, an implementation of the AUTOSAR basic software modules, and EB tresos Studio for configuring these modules and translating the configuration into code > To the webinar page

How to execute distributed system-wide cause-effect chains in next-gen cars

Category: Vehicle infrastructure Using the Logical Execution Time (LET) paradigm, Elektrobit’s Dr Sebastian Ohl showcases a solution using a high-performance ADAS system and a safety ECU running AUTOSAR Adaptive and Classic > To the webinar page

Connected car

Entering the connected world – High Performance Computer as cornerstone for the future of the software-defined vehicle

Category: Connected car Experts from Continental and Elektrobit outline the general trends in in-vehicle architectures with HPCs and share experience with Adaptive and Classic AUTOSAR platforms > To the webinar page

User experience

From vision to reality: Designing the car cockpit of the future

Category: User experience In this webinar, human-machine interface development experts from Elektrobit and Unity discuss how to integrate Unity’s real-time 3D rendering technology into EB GUIDE, Elektrobit’s comprehensive HMI development toolchain > To the webinar page

How to use artificial intelligence to automate vehicle user interface tests

Category: User experience Borislav Nazarski, EB’s testing and validation expert explains how to overcome the challenges involved in automating UI tests. > To the webinar page

Smart Dialogs for In-Vehicle Infotainment

Category: User experience Experts at Elektrobit outline a brand agnostic solution to create smart dialogs for in-vehicle infotainment using voice assistants > To the webinar page

From prototype to production: the evolution of an automotive cluster HMI project

Category: User experience Elektrobit’s Jörg Scherer shares best practices for a cluster HMI project that evolves from prototype to production-ready > To the webinar page

Virtual development of Augmented Reality HUD solutions

Category: User experience Experts from Elektrobit and ANSYS demonstrate how optical simulation and virtual prototyping can help to solve the challenges of HUD design > To the webinar page

Bring your UX to the next level with EB GUIDE, EB’s HMI development toolchain

Category: User experience Elektrobit’s HMI development tooling expert outlines how EB GUIDE can help take your user experience to the next level > To the webinar page

Finding the balance between autonomous driving, infotainment systems and safety

Category: User experience Elektrobit’s head of User Experience and User Interface Design discusses the impact of autonomous driving systems on cars as an experience space > To the webinar page

Agile development

Combined application of agile practices and functional safety in automotive software development

Category: Agile development This webinar describes how agile practices can be combined with the application of the functional safety standard ISO 26262 when developing safety-related automotive embedded software. It bases on results from a ZVEI working group. Misconceptions regarding the compatibility of safety and agile will be discussed as well as some common challenges and solution approaches. > To the webinar page

Why Scrum for embedded automotive software can do more than your manager thinks

Category: Agile development In this free webinar, Dr. Joachim Schlosser, Senior Manager at Elektrobit, explores why Scrum may be the best choice—and it’s probably for different reasons than your manager expects > To the webinar page

Event recordings

Linux in an IEC 61508 Automotive Safety Environment (SIL-2)

Category: Vehicle infrastructure For the ELISA May workshop of the Linux foundation, Elektrobit and emlix teamed up to break down the inner workings of applying Linux in an IEC 61508 Automotive Safety Environment (SIL-2). We are excited to contribute to this open-source project and are happy to share an insightful session with you! > Details