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Elektrobit Austria

Join a winning team!


Elektrobit (EB) is an industry-leading supplier of automotive software and has had a proven record in embedded and connected software development for over two decades. We are a globally-operating company with our headquarters in Germany and branches in Asia, Europe, and North America.

One of EB’s branches is located in Vienna, the beautiful capital city of Austria. Working in Vienna means working in one of the world´s cities that lead in quality of life within a wonderful scenery and landscape.

Our branch office in Vienna is the technology center for in-car communication with focus on communication protocol stacks for classic and adaptive AUTOSAR.

It is also the technology center for communication analysis and simulation tools with focus on developing hard- and software tools for high-speed analysis and simulation for automotive network communication.



Working for EB in Austria – voices from the team

We interviewed our colleagues on how they feel about working at EB in Austria. Hear in our (german) podcast what they are looking forward to when they go to work.


Meet the team – Employee testimonials

Niko Donath

Nikolaus Donath, Technology Team Manager

“I joined EB in 2011 as project manager of a project team located in Vienna dealing with automotive communication software. Now I am responsible for an international multi-site project. I enjoy working in a highly professional software company, developing according to highest quality standards to deliver software which is used in a large number of cars. Seeing a car on the road with my software in it makes me proud. With the most recent developments in automotive software, work never gets boring and there is always a chance to learn new things.

What I like the most about EB is the good team spirit and the collaboration with colleagues also from other EB sites. It’s great to always find an expert for each subject who can support you in your work. I also appreciate the high flexibility when organizing my work. On some days I leave earlier for a private appointment and on other days I stay longer in exchange.”

Johannes Reisinger

Johannes Reisinger, Chief Architect

“I have been working for EB for 16 years now and it has never become been boring. I have always enjoyed facing technical challenges like, for example, the development of the FlexRay bus. Currently I participate in the development of autonomous driving.

EB is a great place to work at as on the one hand I can develop products but and on the other hand I can also work together with professional customers. My colleagues are very competent and highly qualified, and some of them have become very good friends, with whom I play badminton after work or even go skiing for a weekend. In a nutshell, we have a fantastic working atmosphere – also with colleagues from other branches worldwide – which I have never experienced in any other company.”

Günter Ebermann

Günter Ebermann, Senior Architect

“When I joined the company during an internship in 2004, I immediately noticed the high knowledge of the people working here, so I wanted to be part of the team. That is why I quickly became a full-time employee and was fascinated by bringing FlexRay to the road in the BMW SC6. My work is still very exciting: I have recently worked on high performance Ethernet and Video capture and replay.

What I love the most about EB is that I can work together with a lot of different people, not only here in Vienna, but also in Germany, Romania, France, and the US. Moreover, we are extremely flexible with our working hours – a great aspect for me as a young dad. And the office is very modern and close to the center.”


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Our contact details:

Elektrobit Austria GmbH
Kaiserstr. 45 / Stiege 2
1070 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 59983 – 0
Fax: +43 1 59983 – 5018