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EB Assist ADTF – Version 2.13.0 released

New features and bug fixes:

  • Harddisk Recorder: Ringbuffer on disk to store History and Follow Queues
  • cADTFFile: new class to check on DAT file (header information and extensions – including changing extensions)
  • Extended Data Service: it is now possible to edit the extended data after recording (see Show DAT File Info tool)
  • Display history: synchronization of the ADTF Display History between distributed ADTF instances.
  • Developing filters: Plugin Descriptions can be used to describe the internal data flow of filters.
  • Solved a crash when starting ADTF in debug mode with too many network adapters present.
  • Solved a performance issue with too long Long Descriptions.
  • Solved a problem with ADTF start-up time when too many DAT-files were listed in the Project Tree


The Toolbox is available on the EB Command server: