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Integrated software solutions


Software technology drives vehicle development

One of today’s major challenges is achieving high-quality software implementation that is lower in maintenance costs and achieves higher customer satisfaction. New business opportunities are created by adding features to existing systems using over-the-air (OTA) software updates and cloud-based services, which is accompanied by a need for strong cyber security protection. While the consolidation of multiple ECUs into high-performance computing (HPC) systems decreases the hardware complexity, at the same time the new software system engineering creates challenges that are increasingly intricate. Therefore, it is crucial to have a capable and experienced software engineering solutions partner who continuously delivers secure, safe, on-time and in-budget software-systems.


EB as dedicated automotive software engineering solutions partner

EB has the experience and expertise to integrate production-ready in-vehicle software solutions in all relevant platforms (e.g. QNX, Linux/GENIVI, Android). We have a solid track record delivering software products and solutions for OEMs including BMW, Audi, Ford, leading Tier 1 suppliers, and many others.

EB manages large and complex software projects that involve multiple sites, sub-suppliers, and partners on a global scale. We take a central role in making the separation of hardware and software work for car makers, effectively managing the software development process for increasingly complex systems as well as in software and system integration.


Current challenges

Building modern-day automotive systems presents a variety of software development challenges – multi-function ECUs (or HPC: high-performance controllers), advanced power management, decreased time to market, and increasingly higher customer expectations for functionality, interoperability, and upgradability. OEMs and Tier 1 teams burdened with parallel hardware and software development often struggle to meet these challenges using traditional development processes and tools.


Mistakes are expensive

Conventional software development methods do not effectively support the complexity required for tomorrow’s automotive software development. To overcome this challenge, EB has cultivated a development culture that establishes continuous software development processes and has already been used to successfully deliver on multiple projects.


Create the entire, holistic automotive in-vehicle system

As vehicle system architectural concepts increase in complexity, EB collaborates with our automotive OEMs and supplier partners to turn visions and concepts into complete systems solutions. We establish processes that ensure the creation of consistent concepts and architectures. Consistent end-to-end V-model coverage is guaranteed by applying agile development methods to meet the project’s needs. Our systems engineering concepts and proven HPC reference architectures provide a solid base for new functionality, and our dedication to continuous system integration and validation delivers high quality throughout the product’s lifecycle.

We offer innovative mobility software solutions to our customers by integrating best-in-class EB and third-party products, by focusing on:

  • Complete coverage of entire product life cycle with flexible and agile project teams and global incident response management
  • Round-the-clock continuous software integration processes and tools
  • Customized services by combining EB’s teams with customer and third-party development teams
  • Software development according to security and safety standards
  • Seamless continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)

Integration with EB products and services

EB tresos

Classic AUTOSAR basic software, operating systems, and a tailor-made tool environment.

EB corbos

Adaptive AUTOSAR basic software, hypervisor, operating system and integrated development environment for high-performance controllers.