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Software maintenance & application lifecycle management

Automotive software maintenance

Today’s cars extend the Internet of things ecosystem, and customers expect more and more that their vehicle also fits into an increasingly connected lifestyle. Consumers expect their devices to be upgradable with new exciting features, while providing secure connected services and maintaining a safe driving experience. Moving consumer technologies into a safety-critical system comes along with new requirements for the software life cycle as well as an increased need to change maintenance and management habits from reactive to proactive.


Focus on the future: Let Elektrobit take over responsibility for maintaining and extending your current features

To enable our OEM and Tier 1 partners to focus on products and features of the future, Elektrobit offers maintenance, extension, tracking, and validation of customer-developed and third-party software. From analyzing and writing specifications to coordinating suppliers, we have the experience car makers need to successfully leverage the potential that software offers for their vehicles.

Why Elektrobit?

Focused on customer processes
You will get a partner that seamlessly integrates into your process environment. Global project management methodologies tailored to your specific needs while supporting effective and efficient communication and information flows.
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Proactive maintenance – remote analytics & secure over-the-air updates
Elektrobit is a leading provider for connected vehicle software. By developing our own remote analytics software and over-the-air update solutions we drive the approach to offer both technologies for software maintenance. In the area of security, EB is partnered with ARGUS to bring cyber security into vehicles.

Expert knowledge in software engineering for automotive systems
Our broad expertise in system, EE, and software architecture comes from our experience in covering the entire product life-cycle of complex automotive in-vehicle software systems. With its industry-leading software solutions up to the highest automotive safety integrity level, EB is a substantial contributor to the AUTOSAR success story. Our embedded security solutions consist of efficient embedded cryptography architectures based on AUTOSAR.