Elektrobit Automotive Software: AUTOSAR ECU


Elektrobit is an AUTOSAR specialist. Our expertise spans both the Classic AUTOSAR and the Adaptive AUTOSAR standard, as well as an all-in-one software platform for HPC. Embedded security and communication networks such as Ethernet conclude our portfolio.

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Elektrobit Automotive Software: EB cadian


Elektrobit automotive software provides a set of reliable, flexible and scalable services and software components to securely connect vehicles and enable services like software updates over the air.

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Elektrobit Automotive Software: Automated Driving


Our portfolio covers major areas of ADAS and automated driving predevelopment, from creating driving scenes, replaying, and simulation to testing, visualization, and validation to ADAS function development.

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Elektrobit Automotive Software: User experience


From specification to design, conception, and production engineering, Elektrobit covers the full development cycle for intelligent automotive cockpits.
It also provides system integration and solutions such as UX design, advanced HMI support and HPC resources.

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Elektrobit和Argus Cyber Security宣布推出业界首款汽车网络威胁检测和防御解决方案

September 14th, 2022

Elektrobit 加入 Eclipse 基金会软件定义车辆(SDV)工作组

September 1st, 2022

Elektrobit 和 Qt 宣布为下一代汽车数字座舱提供即用型开发解决方案

July 6th, 2022